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Laptop Service Centers in Chennai

Acer Laptop Keyboards:

Laptop store specialize in Acer laptop keypad repairs including Acer Aspire, Acer Ferrari, Acer Travelmate, Acer Aspire One , Acer Extensa in Chennai . We have the latest technology for Quick turnaround time and we fix it right, the first time.

Laptop Store, based in the Chennai, provides top quality keypad repair services for many top brands of acer laptops and notebooks. As we are specialized in ACER laptops, we can provide you with comprehensive ACER laptop repair services in Chennai city.

Laptop keyboard keys are easily broken or fell off if you don't operate properly. Typing so hard will cause keys pop out or letter prints on the keys washed out. Missing keys is a common problem from laptop keyboard repair. It is not easy to put keys back because when the keys fell off the keyboard, usually the plastic mounting arms underneath.

We have wide range of Acer Laptop Keyboard in our stock to provide you ensuring quality and quick service at laptop store in Chennai.

 Some Common Problems:

·        Water Spilled

·        Internal Shorting

·        Keys Stuck

·        Keys Missing / Broken

Acer Keyboard Replacement Service includes:

  • Replacing bad Keyboard with the new part.
  • Complete System Check Up
  • Entire Keyboard Check
  • External Laptop Safe Clean Up
  • Operating System Check-up
  • Final System Test and Diagnostics

Same day keyboard repairs and replacements:

Our expert IT technicians have years of experience working major brands from Acer Laptop. Normally keyboard issues can be resolved within one working day. And with our extensive stock of replacement parts, we can offer a compatible replacement if the issue cannot be repaired.

We provide three solutions to your keyboard problems: keyboard repairs, replacement keys and replacement keyboards.

Prices for replacement keys start at best price for Acer laptop. All our repairs and replacements are covered by a 3-month warranty on parts.

We have a stock for the following Acer laptops,

·         Acer Note Series

·         Acer Note Light Series

·         Acer Note Pro Series

·         Acer Aspire Series

·         Acer Aspire One Series

·         Acer Aspire Ultra-thin Series

·         Acer Chromebook Series

·         Acer Extensa Series

·         Acer Ferrari Series

·         Acer Iconia Series

·         Acer TravelMate Series

We know that keyboard failures come in all shapes and sizes. If you’d like more information about this service, don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to give us a call or fill out our Ask a Question form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help!